Launch a free client portal or members-only website for your business!

Free Client Portals  -   What kind of client portal would you like to launch?



Share business documents and links to any web page, including Google Forms and Dropbox, with your customers.

Demo  Admin | Customer | Guest



Send and receive messages to / from your customers.

Demo  Admin | Customer | Guest



Send bills to your customers and receive payments.

Demo  Admin | Customer | Guest

eTracker  NEW


Share case, application or order status and other information with your customers.

Demo  Admin | Customer | Guest



Share lesson plans, worksheets, feedback and other information with your students.

Demo  Teacher | Student | Guest

eMagazine Subscription Site


Provide online magazines and allow your users to subscribe.

Demo  Admin | User

eLearning Subscription Site


Provide online tutorials and allow your users to subscribe.

Demo  Admin | User

Custom by Pro


Per your request, we offer customization and system integration or we can build a new client portal to fit your needs.

Add Custom Pages  NEW  -   You can add custom pages to the client portal on your own.

General Page

Share any information with your customers on a blank page.


Share forms with your customers or receive forms submitted by your customers.

Embedded Web Page

Embed web pages such as YouTube, Google Forms, Sheets, Docs, Slides and share them with your customers.

Create a custom page by clicking "+ Add Page" on the free client portal you launched.
Upgrading to Unlimited Plan is required for your customers to access your custom pages.

Non Client Portals  -   We can help you build other types of website or mobile app.

Business Website

fixed price [1]

Introduce your business, products and services online. We can build your website using our template at a fixed and affordable price.

Online Store

fixed price [1]

Sell your products or services online and accept payments instantly without paying selling fees. We can build your online store using our template at a fixed and affordable price.


Low Price

We can build any types of websites and mobile apps such as business sites, online stores, blogs, social media, multilingual sites and iPhone / Android apps with or without using our templates.

[1] For non client portals, we provide a web hosting & maintenance plan for $20 / month.

Why choose Cirrushop?

easy Easy to Launch

It is easy to create your own client portal on Cirrushop. You can Launch a free client portal in less than one minute by simply clicking here and entering some information such as your name and email address.

free Free or Low Cost

The client portal is free as long as you keep your data under the limit. There is no limit on the number of users so you can grant access to as many customers and admins you want for free. If you choose unlimited data usage, we offer simple and affordable plans with no hidden fees.

safe Safe and Secure

We take security seriously. We will treat your data and your customer's data how we treat our own and do our best to keep it safe. We won't share your data with others except as noted in our Privacy Policy. We use SSL on our client portal, which creates a secure connection between browsers and web servers. All the data transmitted over the connection is protected.

customizable Customizable

We understand that each business has its own needs. All our products are customizable. Please tell us your needs, and we would be happy to customize them for your business. Also, you can use your own sub-domain or domain name (e.g. or for your website.